Video Games: Not a Thing of Past

Video games are interactive electronic games played
through devices that are either ‘wired up’ or in the palm of your hand and
every household has at least one of them.

As we are no doubt in the electronic age, video games are
not a thing of the past. It is an electronic game that interacts with the user
to generate visual and/or audio feedback shown on a device. The platforms or
electronic systems that they are played on, makes them different from each other.
For example games developed for the PC cannot be played on the video game
console or a Smartphone. The development of video games goes way back from
mainframes to nowadays, small handheld devices.


Video Game industries have made billions of dollars in revenue
in each year, one of the reasons being that as new developments are released,
they are bought. And, there are always some kids who have not yet bought their
first video game. Over 65% of American households play video games or PC games.
PCs games of today when compared with those of earlier times are far more
advanced and innovative in terms of graphics, sound and movements. And as
devices reduce in size with far more capacity, its complexities cannot be


Game Development is kicking up
a storm amongst its followers on social networks like Twitter.  Its mobile games are giving its audience a
breathtaking gaming experience because of its features like 2D & 3D. Due to
Android being open source, game developers are able to create more complex
programs and exercise more flexibility by using Linux. This also gives the game
more stability in the mobile environment and keeps the development cost at a


Android’s competitor Apple is right alongside in the
competition and their iPhone Game Development includes superior features like motion-based
controller. This gives the gamer the ultimate gaming experience close to that
of standing in front of a monitor playing a video game. But that’s another
story. About 72% of iPhone owners are spending a lot at the Apple Apps store
buying and downloading games; particularly 2 and 3D.  Apparently, the experience is amazing.


game art services  spend hours creating and building game
characters and environments to enhance the whole animation experience on both
video game and mobile device. It is generally the graphics many times that
lures a player into the game. These individuals are highly motivated and can
conceptualize their highfalutin ideas into a thrilling experience such as going
down a water slide at top speed or combating villains in a dungeon.


According to online statistics, 49% of video game players
are between the ages of 18 and 49 years. Followed by the over 50 group with
26%. Video games are something that has existed for many decades now, however
just like many other technologies, they have adapted and have changed over the
years. As advancements in IT are made, video games will keep taking advantage
of new technologies in terms of hardware and software.

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