Top 4 Online Star Trek Video Games You’ll Love

The immense popularity of the Star Trek movie series has been successfully transferred to the field of games many times. And when I say many, I think MANY. If we exclude the 4 pinball implementations, there are about 100 titles published since in the following areas: Arcade, Computer, Console, and Mobile games. The timespan includes from 1971 until today. Probably even hard-core fans haven’t managed to try them all. I have played most of the modern ones, and from my experience there probably about 10 that really deserve attention, but these 4 are pretty special:


It was not easy to pick among so many good Star Trek titles, but this list represents some of the games worth trying even if you are not a Star Trek fan. That is how good they are, even though one of their main focuses is to convey the Star Trek atmosphere.