The Evolution of Video Game Systems

I used to be an arcade nut. I spent most of my time in the local video games hot spots to play the latest fighting, shooting, and racing games. I would also frequent the video game stores at the mall with my friends. We would compete against each other in popular arcade games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. Video games were a teenagers favorite pastime back in the early 90s. I must have spent a fortune in quarters in those video games machine.

Its almost the same when I would tell customers how much they had spent on video rentals so far. I always find this quite amusing. The customers first reaction would usually be a wince; then they would snicker at the ridiculousness of it all, but finally most of them went home ticked off. I think some of them wanted to have their money back. Thats just the way people are. What they dont know wont hurt them. Well, most of the time anyway. Nevertheless, when it comes to arcade and video games systems, millions of people were hooked long ago. The only significance nowadays is that modern video games systems for homes have become more advanced and sophisticated.

Arcades nowadays are not as popular as it was during my time. Most kids these days are investing in video games system of their own. Systems like Game Cube, Playstation 2, and Xbox are very popular. Why would kids go to local arcades and to spend their money on video games, when they can simply receive a system of their own during their birthday or at Christmas? Modern personal video games are not very expensive and most kids can own portable versions like the Gameboy Advance Sp. The advancement in gaming makes personal video games more fun and exciting.

Video games during my childhood and teenage years seem prehistoric when compared to contemporary video games systems. The first system I owned when I was in elementary school was an Atari. Then later down the road, video games systems evolved into Nintendo. These games are obsolete in comparison to modern systems, but they represent the evolution of video games into their present status. This evolution will only continue and you can expect more exciting developments to video games systems. Hop online and discover the latest games, models, and accessories.

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