Earn Money By Becoming A Video Game Tester

The video game industry has grown into a multimillion dollar industry because of all the new technologies being introduced every day. One career in video games, Video game testing, is actually a very crucial job, since testers are the one in charge for discovering any bugs and/or errors in a newly developed game.

Todays video game industry is growing at a fast rate, since there are new technologies being introduced that make Game Programming a whole lot easier.The multimillion dollar industry is not limited to kids and teenagers anymore, because adults nowadays find comfort in playing video games just the same.Game Design for kids and teenagers is not only entertaining, but educational as well.The increasing demand of consumers has made video game companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, create new games for users.Since they put huge capital investments in making games, it is very important that these games are tested and reviewed for bugs and errors before being released.If this step is neglected, the reputation of the company can be affected once players experience bugs and errors.As video Game Testers, these people are responsible for testing the new video games, and get paid to do so.Getting paid for testing video games There has been a significant increase in the demand for video game testers that corresponds with the increase in the number of companies releasing new video games every month.Getting in the video game industry is actually easier than you would think.You can always start by being a tester of newly released software products and see if there are any more rooms for improvement.It is necessary for testers to review new software and video games before being released in the market, because these are typically full of errors and bugs.They may hangup while loading, or there can be functions that may not work properly.Programmers cannot address these issues without user feedback.What to expect Before making up your mind and deciding to apply for this kind of job, you should know that a beginner game tester usually makes $ 10-$ 15 an hour.As a video game tester, you are expected to be efficient in playing different kinds of games.If you are good enough, you can be hired to test games for PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Game Boy and Nintendo DS.When starting, you will be expected to work on-site, but after working with the same client for a number of years, you can (usually) start video game testing at the comfort of your own home.Video game testing is not easy, because you need to have a creative mind and a keen eye for details.Patience is also needed, and you must be willing to work hard in order to be successful in the video game industry.This job may seem easy, but the truth is that video game testing is a serious jobFind Article, since the reputation of the company is in your hands.

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